Network Administration Services

In Network Administration Services, we provide technical and operational support for client networks to identify appropriate technologies and make intelligent hardware and software decisions.


Responsibilities we take on your part:


  • Ensure network services are optimally designed, configured and supported to achieve high availability and functionality. Participate in or lead projects to improve network services and develop procedures to support newly implemented technologies.
  • Assure technical compatibility between network technologies as well as application platforms and server/workstation products, especially in areas that directly affect virus protection, firewalls and backup.
  • Analyze system capacity, utilization and take corrective action when necessary. Monitor e-mail and provide weekly performance reports.
  • Perform troubleshooting and problem resolution as needed. Proactively check for potential system failures/problems.
  • Appear professional and communicate technical concepts in simple words.
  • Be able to work after hours and on weekends.


IT Strategy and Planning services help you to link your business plans and metrics to your IT architecture and operations in ways that create lasting value through our Business Strategy and Network Planning.We can identify what needs to be done to match your IT initiatives with your business goals, helping you eliminate unnecessary activities and maximize return. Whether you need to define new services, justify expenditures on a specific project or refine your existing business model. Our IT Strategy and Planning Portfolio provides the services you need to optimize your IT investments.


IT Infrastructure services and solutions help you integrate new technologies, maximize network efficiency and fully align your infrastructure with your business objectives.We can help you map technology solutions to your unique business needs, select the most suitable and effective elements from the array of current and emerging technologies and deploy them to your greatest advantage. In addition, we can help with developing the necessary processes and tools to support the rapid implementation of enhanced services for your customers and end-users.


Operating Systems and Directory Services solutions help you integrate new technologies, maximize network efficiency and fully align your infrastructure with your business objectives.Our Operating Systems and Directory Services can help you select and integrate the operating systems and network services that are right for your business environment. Building upon this foundation, we can help you design and implement enterprise services such as Microsoft Exchange, E-Business and information portals; integrate directory services such as Microsoft Active Directory and help ensure operating system security with the right application software and processes.


Storage Systems and Services solutions help you integrate new technologies, maximize network efficiency and fully align your infrastructure with your business objectives.Storage and content networks are critical to the success of your company whether you're looking to lower your cost through storage consolidation, capacity utilization and content management and distribution or ensure business continuity through disaster recovery, high availability and centralized backups.


Network and Systems Management services and solutions assist in all phases of managing network operations and service centers from planning and design to implementation and staffing.We at VISIONS are focused on the planning, design, implementation, operation and staffing of reliable, scalable and secure network and systems management systems and network operation centers. A full range of business consulting services are available which provide high value to technology-based project initiatives in such areas as business service management and business process analysis and design.


Security services and solutions help mitigate risk and reduce vulnerabilities by combining sound policies, standards and security architecture with selected technology solutions.Robust computer network security protects your company's assets. It also helps your business grow, not just survive. Security enhances your company's reputation and allows you to create more—and more profitable—business value from your IT infrastructure.We help reduce risk and mitigate vulnerabilities to threats to your IT infrastructure through sound practices, applied security technology and a continuous improvement framework.





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 Hans Dhillon

This job is only for the Chandigarh Location. You are applicable for this job only if you are willing to relocate to Chandigarh.