About Us - Methodology

By their very nature, software development projects can be complicated, cumbersome, challenging, time consuming and resource intensive.


To aid the process, avoid the pitfalls and manage it effectively. We in consultation with various industry practitioners and observation of IT standards, have devised our own methodology.


Client Communication : From inception to completion we are in constant touch with our Clients. We undertake thorough verbal and written communications so as to capture the Client's software or web application requirements and specifications.


Planning Documentation :

Our Planning Methodology incorporates:


  • Scope - Defined in terms of function, constraints, performance and reliability.
  • Resource requirements - In terms of hardware/software tools, reusable software components and people.
  • Analyze system capacity, utilization and take corrective action when necessary. Monitor mail and provide weekly performance reports.
  • Project Complexity and Size.
  • Project documentation to ensure everyone is on the 'same page'.

Risk Management

A proactive strategy begins long before the technical work is initiated.


The strategy involves the identification, classification, probability of occurrence, impact and prioritizing potential risks.


We then prepare a contingency plan (RMMM- Risk Mitigation, Monitoring & Management) that will enable us to respond to any future issues in an effective & controlled manner for mitigating / managing the risk.

Control Coding

Quantitative tools are applied to control project scheduling and tracking. They also determine the efforts needed for specific task.


The tools allow us to :


  • Determine whether formal and pre-defined project milestones have been accomplished by the scheduled date.
  • Conduct periodic project status review meetings where progress and problems relevant to the project are discussed.
Visions Project Delivery Model

Testing Release

Pursuant to detailed test plans, we (together with Clients) undertake a series of tests to validate code functionality, quality & integrity, this includes:


  • Unit Testing.
  • System Testing.
  • Integration Testing.
  • Acceptance Testing.

Client Evaluation

The testing never ends, it simply changes hands and is transferred to clients. In fact, every time the client or its customers use the software, a test is being conducted.


Accordingly, we rapidly respond to any issues and/or changes identified by clients.


Visions Team is amazing, worked very hard and always got things done well and on time, would recommend again and again.

 Ryan Donofrio

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