Career - Benefits

We offer our employees a slew of benefits that go beyond the obvious. Important as it is, the end-of-the-month paycheck is far from being the only measure of how valuable we think Visions are.


VISIONS provides a wide range of benefits to its employees. Some of the highlights of our benefits program include:


  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Cross-training and Certification programs.
  • Sick leave.
  • Paid Holidays.


  • Mentoring & Career Development.
  • Assistance in accommodation and schooling.
  • Picnics/get-together.
  • Exceptional Growth Opportunities, Recognition & rewards.
  • Inter-Divisional & Cross-Functional Career Growth Opportunities (Staffing, IT Services, Products, Engineering, Training, Off-Shore divisions)


Visions, provides an excellent customer service and was very able to deliver the results that we required as a client and within budget and on time. I would highly recommend the same


This job is only for the Chandigarh Location. You are applicable for this job only if you are willing to relocate to Chandigarh.