HTML5 & CSS3 Development

In this day and age, the Web stretches across a broad range of devices, including mobile phones, TVs, handheld PCs and Macs, even fridges. So, your websites could be rendered in any of the above devices.


Getting on the HTML5 bandwagon now (even through a basic Web redesign without a huge number of bells and whistles) sets the stage for taking advantage of even more advanced options in the future as the language evolves. By not using HTML5, not only are you not future-proofing your project, but you are making it less accessible


  • We use HTML5 and CSS3 to make our websites more device-friendly, accessible and usable.
  • These standards enable our websites to be accessed on browsers that extend far beyond just PCs and Macs.
  • Use of HTML accelerates the design and development process, which helps us complete projects faster and to a higher standard.
  • By designing and developing to the capabilities of the best browsers, our websites become more future-proof.
  • Forget about Flash Player and other third party media players, make your videos and audio truly accessible with the new HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags.
  • More interactive and animation possibilities than the previous rich internet application platforms like Flash.


The number one reason why you should start using HTML5 today is this: it’s the future, start using it now so you don’t get left behind. HTML5 is not going anywhere and as more and more elements get adopted more and more companies will start to develop in HTML5. HTML5 is essentially just HTML, it’s not scary, it’s not anything you really need to figure out or relearn — if you’re developing XHTML strict right now you are already developing in HTML5 so why not take full advantage of its current capability?


Visions has been working with HTML5 since HTML5's initial days. has been working with HTML5 since HTML5's initial days. We have already built over 20 websites in HTML5 for our worldwide clients. Our HTML5 websites are compatible with mobile, Tablets, PCs and Macs. Feel free to contact us if you want to Hire HTML developer from our company and get the best HTML5 development services.




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  • Flexible and simple hiring process.
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  • Fast turnaround time for both the initial project and any follow-up edits.

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